DELFINA is a writer and curator. Her performance covers both artistic/cultural and commercial projects as she worked for art galleries,advertising companies and independent initiatives. She spent her childhood in the countryside, studied communication in Buenos Aires plus stays in Barcelona and New York. Besides EC, she is launching her poem collection The golden swan and her nouvelle "Let's go to Berghain". She pursues beauty in all its forms, wine and rock & roll.

CLARA is a chef. She is also a filmmaker. Her photography studies in New York
gave her an aesthetic vision of culinary processes and results that she carries
as a flag in Buenos Aires, she approached the kitchen at IAG and soon stood out 
at the kitchens of Café Rivas and Brasero Atlántico before opening Creol,
her Argentinian tapas restaurant. After a year, she decided to close it down and 
emigrate to Berlin to establish herself  as the Head Chef at the Argentine Embassy. 
Her role confers to special events at the Ambassador's residence. In her short stay 
she has already delighted intellectuals, residents, scientists and leaders. 
Off the record; She emigrated her cats Yilda and Lupe from Buenos Aires to
 Berlin and loves analog music.